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AIBU but my ex has snooped through my phone!!

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meandthreehappyascanbe Sun 09-Oct-16 23:29:59

I am sooooo mad.

I moved out of my house and left my husband 3 months ago and haven't started dates or having fun with anyone. An ex boyfriend who I am still in touch with sent me a couple of flirty texts recently.

My husband says my ds was playing on the phone when this text popped up as he handed it to him (which is complete rubbish). My son never looks at the texts, he can't yet read, the text he claimed popped up was received and sent the previous night. I don't even think my ds had the phone with him.

Now I don't want to leave my husband by himself in my house with the children as I don't trust him not to snoop.

meandthreehappyascanbe Sun 09-Oct-16 23:36:37

I should say that tonight, separated husband confronted me about the saucy texts from my ex boyfriend, claiming they had popped up. He has a history of emotional abuse and pulled out the tears but also said that he understands and it's none of his business but it just makes him more determined to get back together with me. Wtf?

AnnettePrice Mon 10-Oct-16 20:29:37

Why would you let EA Seperated husband over the threshold into your house???

Lilacpink40 Mon 10-Oct-16 20:31:16

How long will you be living together?

meandthreehappyascanbe Mon 10-Oct-16 23:19:20

He is doing up our old house. It's a mess so the children can't stay there so he comes to my house to put them to bed. We've been separated 3 months.

Lilacpink40 Tue 11-Oct-16 00:00:13

Put a number lock on your phone and better still stop the bedtime reading. It won't help in the long term. He can put them to bed in the future when in a new place and see them in the day.

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