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Want to help a devastated friend - anyone have any experience?

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MrsBertBibby Tue 04-Oct-16 23:57:48

Well he needs of course to take proper advice, but on those facts, I wouldn't expect him to be too badly off. I can't see his pensions being touched. Might get a "put them back as they were" type approach.

scarednoob Tue 04-Oct-16 21:35:12

Yep, England and Wales. Only lived together for a few months before getting married so it's not been years or anything.

Thanks v much!

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MadameCholetsDirtySecret Tue 04-Oct-16 19:25:21

In short marriages it would be normal to return assets to where they were before before the marriage. As there are no children it should be fairly straight forward.

MrsBertBibby Tue 04-Oct-16 19:22:58

Are they in England/Wales? And did they live together for long before they married?

scarednoob Tue 04-Oct-16 11:37:41

my friend's wife has recently left him and he is devastated, but she has made it clear that the marriage is over. on top of being heartbroken, he is really worried that she is going to rake him over the coals financially and he will be left penniless. the facts are:

- he is about 10 years older than she is
- historically he was the main breadwinner; he paid for everything such as the house, holiday home, car etc
- she has a well paid job
- he's in poor health, still working full time at the moment, but worried whether he will be able to keep it up
- they were married for about 2 years
- no children

my view is that she is unlikely to get a huge settlement, and in fact he might even be able to claim from her if his health deteriorates, but I know nothing about it and don't want to give him false hope. does anyone here have any experience with divorce and how this is likely to play out? he's taking legal advice, so this is purely for me not saying the wrong thing when trying to cheer him up! thanks all.

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