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ExH not using solicitor

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curlyboymum Tue 04-Oct-16 10:07:29

Due in family court quite soon for supposed "final" hearing re contact (a never ending saga). ExH is no longer using a solicitor, possibly due to money issues, and will be representing himself. Not happy about this as he will be able to cross examine me, but hoping he will show himself up for the bastard he is in court.

I'm put out that as I am the only one of us still paying a solicitor, this means that my solicitor will be preparing the trial bundles (files of all relevant documents), so I will have to shoulder this extra cost. Given that he brought this case to court, and not me, but has now been dropped by his solicitor, I'm furious that I have to pay out. Has anyone experience of this situation, and would it be reasonable to ask for him to be billed half the costs of the preparation?

Gracey79 Tue 04-Oct-16 19:53:09

I've not got as far as you but my xh turned up to the first hearing with no solicitor and the court ordered him to pay some of the cost of work my solicitor had to do that his would have done had he brought one, I didn't ask for this it was just put into writing, good luck with the case

GingerIvy Tue 04-Oct-16 19:55:56

I'm interested in this as well. My (STB)ex is insisting he wants neither of us to use a solicitor for our divorce. I've already told him I will be using one whether he wants me to or not, as I want to make sure things are done properly. I'm curious how this will work too.

Cyclewidow46 Wed 05-Oct-16 19:07:42

I'm in the same position as you GingerIvy. My STBex didn't want us to use solicitors either. I told him I was using one whether he wanted me to or not, for the same reason as you really, to make sure things were done fairly and properly. It's their look out if our upcoming divorces don't go in their favour as far as I'm concerned. In fact his wanting us not to use solicitors made me overly suspicious and I got one on side pronto!

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