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Ex not allowing my access rights to house, and not letting me take possessions.

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Velvetrevolution Sat 01-Oct-16 23:06:29

After years of unhappiness, I decided my husband was never going to leave, or have any meaningful dialogue about separation.
So I arranged a rental, which he found out about. I had owned a house before I met him, so was planning to take some items of furniture, that were mine before I met him. When the removers came round, he called the police, and because he disputed my items I couldn't take them.
All I was able to take was clothes. We have more than enough toys to have some at each house😒. My solicitor had assured me I could move my own property.
I have had to set up in my new place from scratch. He is barricading himself in, and me out, of the house and is on his third week signed off work. I legally have access rights, but police won't help.
Also, he had threatened not to pay mortgage, which could easily go into arrears.
He is drinking daily, and has just had one son for one night.

Mousetastic69 Mon 03-Oct-16 15:09:37

This sounds like a nightmare situation. Has your solicitor suggested what course of action you can take to get into the house? Are any of his family 'on your side' and able to help with him, even if it is just getting him out of the house so you can get in? sad

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