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Thinking of leaving. If I have the talk what would my financial proposition be

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slummypig Sun 18-Sep-16 22:07:23

Name changed...
Married for 6 years, one DC age 3
I want out, no major issues just a huge mistake on my part. I knew we weren't compatible, I chose to believe we were. It's all come to a head.
I know when i broach the subject the money side will come up & i wondered what I should propose. I would rather we worked it out between us.
House equity is £180k
Before DC I was earning £60k plus car, bonus, other benefits
He was earning £35k
He still earns £35k, I am now PT 3 days a week and earn £40k. I look after DC on the 2 days I have off. I have made quite big sacrifice career wise which I am fine with totally my choice,I would be a SAHM if the salaries were reversed. I live for my DC, i do my job because we need the financial stability.
I have a pension pot worth around £60k
I also have shares worth around £30k.
My concern is his parents are quite wealthy & divorced. His dad is likely to propose & pay for a solicitor. He wanted us to get a prenup which fucked me off majorly as our deposit etc was joint.
Where would this likely end up? I would absolutely want to be main carer of our DC, personally don't agree with joint custody of small children. I don't think I would even want maintenance. He would obviously have access.
I would like 50% of the house equity and to keep my pension/shares. Is this feasible?

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jeaux90 Mon 19-Sep-16 07:47:07

I got 50% and all my pension and shares but it was a few years ago. No kids in that marriage. Second time a kid no marriage, way simpler smile

MrsBertBibby Mon 19-Sep-16 08:05:59

You need to see a family solicitor. No one can give you advice worth having on those issues with that amount of information.

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