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Dealing with the guilt

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Tingatingatale Tue 13-Sep-16 22:54:52

I left my ex husband and the marital home five months ago. It is something I have wanted to do for three years and trying to do for one. I was very unhappy and it was pretty much a loveless, sexless marriage where I got spoken to like shit.

Not long after I left I started seeing someone I knew. It shouldn't have happened but we fell for each hard and have been very discrete.

Ex h has now found out and is devastated. My young children now know and are upset with me for hurting their dad and all over again for leaving even though they live with me for most of the time.

I am happy. I haven't been happy for years. I haven't know what it's like to be loved before or to have someone take care of me for a long time. I just feel so guilty. There is nothing I can do though and I can't take it back

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JaffaCakesMum Wed 14-Sep-16 10:00:18

My H & I are have split after a long loveless marriage but we are still living together at the moment. My girls are teenagers and I have passed hints about me moving on and maybe seeing someone else and the looks they give me are not good. I think I will find it difficult to date someone else after all this time but I'm starting to think about myself and yes I deserve to be loved.

If you have found someone who loves you then you are very lucky and should make the most of it, everyone else just needs a little time to adjust to it.

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