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How should I approach this?

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user1471853539 Wed 07-Sep-16 22:47:08

I think we're heading for divorce. Kids etc can be agreed, but finance is going to be BIG.
Basically we have a house, share in another property and my partners business.
Property is easy, 50 50.
The business I can value, I have a high, low and middle value. Should I start really high, although that may cause my partner to become defensive and is not easy to argue , or go for the fair middle ground, which I could argue, or low and agree. I'm looking at 50 50, but that is going to be a major sticking point. I've read Lambert vs lambert, hopefully that will be a good argument. Has anyone else won 50 50 on their partners business?
I actually want to stay together and work on our relationship, but, if I get 50%, or near, I could be financially set up for life, while my ex would be almost starting again, but with a good business. In ten years I can really enjoy life, mortgage free, they will still having to work, especially if I go for the middle value.
I have a lot of data on their business they have no idea I know.
Would you just go for it and divorce, or wait and hope they change their position.

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