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Advice re seperation/maintenance

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Vintagegirl1 Wed 07-Sep-16 11:24:02

I have recently separated from dh (thread in relationships) and need advice on finances. We have a house (mortgage in his name only but we are married-I am in scotland),debts of around 20 grand (again in his name only) and 3 dcs. I am a sahm,he works and earns 45 grand. Currently he is allowing myself and dcs to stay in family home and is continuing to pay all bills/mortgage etc. He is also giving me £50 a week.
I need advice on financial side-I would like to sell house and split proceeds but he refuses. Can i force a sale? Also is it worth while my claiming through cms or should I not rock the boat? I cannot afford lawyer and have already been to citizens advice.

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