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Refusing permission to take ds abroad

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hardofthinking Tue 30-Aug-16 19:00:01

Been through horrendous divorce. Child arrangements order granted in my favour in July. Ds who is 5 is not allowed to go to ex's house but can have contact overnight at relative's house.

Don't want to say too much as situation is very identifying but cafcass wrote a strong report basically saying ex is a controlling liar with issues that need addressing via a course overseen by an organisation approved by the court.

Within two weeks of court order, he told me he didn't give a toss what the order said and was abusive at drop off.

He started asking about taking ds abroad for a short trip with family at Xmas. I have said no on the basis of the itenary involved (ds is a young 5, and I don't think he'll enjoy such a trip yet). I am also reluctant on account of how bad relationship with ex is. He continues to lie and play games with contact. He has no respect for me or the court.

He is threatening court action about the holiday if I don't agree.

Anyone got any idea if court is likely to agree to trip? I feel totally bullied. sad

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MrsBertBibby Tue 30-Aug-16 19:59:14

Really hard to say without a lot more information, esp. about why no contact at his home.

But if you don't want to agree, don't. Let him take it back to court. Why didn't he bring it up in the last proceedings?

babybarrister Fri 02-Sep-16 10:04:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hardofthinking Fri 02-Sep-16 21:54:08

Thank you MrsBert and babybarrister. It's been quite a week of ranting email and text. I'm at the point of sending solicitor letter regarding harassment to be honest.

He hasn't done the course. It will cost a considerable amount of money as it will be bespoke.

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