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Told my husband I want a divorce. What next?.

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yumyumlama Sun 28-Aug-16 09:20:30

My cousin remained in the same house as his now ex .... I imagine it takes a huge emotional toll for both to remain as divorce proceeds, but I think advice is usually do not move out ... Especially if you want this to remain the family house ....

yumyumlama Sun 28-Aug-16 09:18:07

You need to see the solicitor - only once they have all details can they advise. But I doubt you can get him to move out. My cousin stayed put throughout all divorce negotiations. So my best advice would be to start things moving as quickly as possible as it could be a long ride. And do try mediation - would be quicker and less painful of you can sort all the details without resorting to court. And much much cheaper!!! Good luck - you've taken the biggest step, now is the long haul, but you will make it to the other end!!!

peppajay Sun 28-Aug-16 09:02:15

I finally told my H I want a divorce last night. He treats us all like total shit he talks to the kids like a piece of shit on his shoe. He won't interact with the children as he thinks they are naughty spoilt brats because when he is around they crave his attention so do anything to get it plus my son has aspergers so finds lots of things hard. He thinks I am a shit mum and spoil them by taking them out etc. He sees a completely different side to them to me and other people. However he loves our house (far more than us!!!) So he refuses to move out. What do i do now?? I am a total emotional wreck this morning and have just told the kids to fuck off as they are arguing like crazy. Hubby will be out all day he is not discussing it. What is my next step?? I really don't have the strength to move the 3 of us out. Where would we go I have no family where we can go. If I consult a solicitor tomorrow can he insist hubby moves out??

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