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user1471907876 Tue 23-Aug-16 00:26:39

My husband’s lawyers wrote to tell us that their client is preparing his Form E and suggested that we voluntarily exchange between 14 – 28 days. I completed my form within 14 days and I am still waiting for my husbands which is now 14 days over the deadline. It appears that his lawyers are being very hazy about when we can expect to exchange. His lawyers in the past have put a lot of ridiculous deadlines for other paperwork which I have met every time. My lawyers are being vague as to what I should do next should I sit and wait or go to the courts?

FV45 Tue 23-Aug-16 06:31:33

I was in this position except my solicitor wasn't vague, she advised me to apply to the Court so that a date would be in place, but then to continue to pressurise ex (via his sol) to voluntarily exchange.

We didn't end up in Court but the deadline did help. It will cost you to do all this obv so if you can work it out yourselves it would be much better.

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