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solicitor recommendations, UK couple living in Europe

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FlounderingWildly Mon 22-Aug-16 17:07:55

Can anyone recommend a solicitor who knows about International law? We are a UK couple living in Germany. I have a recommendation for Alternative Family Law but if there is anyone else, I'd really appreciate it.

Can someone be so kind as to explain how the whole solicitor thing works? At the moment I need to get some information on where I stand re cost of a divorce, legal implications of moving back to UK with my kids, etc. I really want to arm myself with some information. Do I have to pay for that when I speak to them or is that the kind of thing you do in an initial phone call to see if you think they are the right person for you? I really don't know what to expect! Any help or advice is appreciated.

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FlounderingWildly Tue 23-Aug-16 06:38:12

Is there anywhere on the internet that has lists of solicitors like this?

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RipMacWinkle Tue 23-Aug-16 06:46:56

AFAIK the legal systems in England and Scotland are vastly different. Would imagine NI / Wales are similar. Perhaps a starting point would be to pinpoint which legal system you'd be looking for a solicitor in.

RipMacWinkle Tue 23-Aug-16 06:47:41

Ignore me. Just saw you're looking for international law. It's too early in the morning for me smile

FlounderingWildly Tue 23-Aug-16 07:14:17

My understanding is because we are both English and got married in England my choice would be to put the divorce through the English system or the system of the country in which we live. I obviously need to know which one is likely to be better for me and to take some advice from someone who has knowledge of both. Pretty niche I guess?

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Footle Tue 23-Aug-16 07:47:16

Look up Legal Directories for the appropriate country.

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