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Back in the house with ex!!!????

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Annabella1977 Wed 03-Aug-16 00:37:55

Good morning all!

Due to unforeseen circumstances it now appears I will have to move back into the ex marital home with soon to be ex husband.

I moved out with our daughter aged 16 approx 2 months ago.
The house has been sold and we were due to exchange contracts this week - however buyer has pulled out.

We were staying temporarily with a friend until the sale went through but now it looks like the property will be back on the market. Goodness knows how long it will take to sell and I can't continue to stay with my friend.

Don't know if we should move back into the house until it sells rather than rent a place.
Financially it makes sense to move back into the house however emotionally the thought is giving me anxiety!

Also what will happen re child maintenance ?
Does he continue to pay the same amount.
Or is it going to be reduced as we will all be in the same house?

Has anyone been in a similar situation?

Thanks in advance

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