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Divorcing but living together - how do you pay the bills?

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Blacksheep78 Thu 04-Aug-16 00:33:19

Sorry you are going through this. flowers

When we decided to split, everything stayed the same until I actually moved out. That is, we had a joint account that both wages went into. I paid all the bills out of that, and we shared what was left over. There was never any "his money" or "my money" until we actually separated.

Good Luck.

Ollivander Mon 01-Aug-16 22:10:33

Am in the middle of divorce but still living in family home with H and 2DC. Until recently I worked PT at H's company but now in process of going back to FT work. Since earlier this year we have been paying approx 50% of our respective salaries into joint account to cover all outgoings (I had to guess with figures as I don't actually know what he earns, save that it's approx 3 times what I earn). I tried to get him to discuss this matter on a number of occasions last year before we came to decide on divorce but he stonewalled me, which is one of the many reasons we are divorcing.

We have almost agreed on a financial settlement without need for solicitors or mediation but now he is saying that until it goes through (could be approx 6months but who knows) we should each pay 50% of bills, ie I pay pretty much all of my monthly salary into joint account compared to him paying about 25% of his. He says this is fair and I've got a good deal. I've said I'm going to take legal advice (which I Will be doing ASAP) but wondered if there is any precedent for how outgoings should be divided when living together but divorcing, particularly if one party earns more, and how this would be viewed by a judge should it go to court. I was hoping to avoid court and using solicitors as much as possible but feel he has forced my hand. Has anyone been through this? Thanks in advance.

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