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leaving the home

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anxietywinsagain Thu 28-Jul-16 07:32:18

I am about to ask to divorce my h and my solicitor has told me not to move out of the family home. I said that I really would feel better if I was out but she said I should stay here as it makes everything easier. Has anyone got experience of divorce and moving out as I really want to just leave my home. I won't if I have to stay but I don't really understand the consequences of not staying. She mentioned that it would be easier to sell the house etc and she's said I won't get to keep the house as everything will be 50:50 split and we both work full time. She also said our house is too big for me to get it on my own when we only have one preschool child. Thing is, being here is really getting me down so wondered if anyone has any experience of moving out before the divorce has gone through and what effects it had on the divorce outcome.

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