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can't afford solicitor FDR coming up - what do I do?

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donners312 Sat 23-Jul-16 15:10:51

I can't afford my solicitor anymore but ho do i know what and how to file at court.

after our last court date there is a notice - it has the next court date and a list of forms?

where do i get these forms and when do i send them the court?

Do i send to my ex solicitor as well.

thanks so much if you can help!

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venuspschic Sat 23-Jul-16 18:02:18

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lifeisunjust Sat 23-Jul-16 18:12:52

You inform court you are self representing.
If the other side has legal representation, they are now obliged to guide you through court procedures. If there is no legal representation on the other side, then you have to rely on court clerks and direction solely from the court judge.
Use google to find out what the forms mean.

donners312 Sat 23-Jul-16 18:57:09

Thanks Lifeisunjust -I have sent you a PM I hope that is oK.

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