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Help with c100 form

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user1468244777 Mon 11-Jul-16 14:55:43

Hi all,
I'm filling out a C100 form for an urgent court hearing, but have a question about section 4 "Urgent and without notice hearings". It is urgent, as it is for the child arrangements of the school holiday, of which my ex claims most of the days (except 14 for me), but I don't understand if I then leave 4b "Without Notice hearing" empty? Can't it be just Urgent, or does it have to be without notice? Does without notice means that they are not asking my ex before starting a hearing?
Appreciate any help with clarifying this.

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MilicentKing Mon 11-Jul-16 18:05:29

The only thing I can answer is the "without notice" means the respondent is not aware you are going to the court for this and that you are applying for whatever order without his input ie that the court will (hopefully) grant what you want and then serve him with the order.

My understanding is that a further hearing would be listed which you both attend which gives him a chance to give his side of things.

Nb not a lawyer!

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