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Cost of house survey for divorce in London?

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Mumfun Tue 05-Jul-16 22:36:17

Hi just getting the house valued by surveyor as order of court prior to final hearing. Solicitor says cost of survey in our area is £2000 plus VAT and standard across most surveyors in our local area. House likely to value in the region £750k to £1million and is 3 bed and not very big.

I really challenged it as I feel its too high. And I earn low salary so is a lot to me. Ex earns high salary.

Will have to pay as ex being so arsey about it.

But I really feel Ive been done by a local cartel. Its much higher than a normal survey not for divorce -only some different paperwork has to be done and if they were asked to go to court we would have to pay more. And he will apparently only be at house for about half an hour!!!

Another friend gettting survey in same circumstances for a 2 bed flat in cheaper area cost of flat £120k to £150k is paying £500 (I think including VAT)

Anyone know what the going rate is in London?

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brodchengretchen Wed 06-Jul-16 08:13:30

Having had two surveys done recently on different properties, I did pick up the impression that insurance against litigation might form part of their charges. That is to say, if the property is sold as part of your financial settlement and does not achieve the price quoted they would want to protect themselves against one of the parties suing. For one of the properties I had surveyed and valued the insurance charge was £150 (UK south east).

You are perfectly entitled to a breakdown of the proposed charges. Is the property of an age where it needs a building survey rather that a homebuyer's survey which would be suitable for a newer property? The building survey is more expensive.

Also your solicitor should be able to advise on whether it is reasonable in your circumstances to expect to share the cost of the survey with the other side.

Minime85 Wed 06-Jul-16 16:40:35

Guessing London different then as I live in the midlands and paid nothing for mine to be done by local estate agent and that was all I needed for my consent order

Mumfun Mon 11-Jul-16 11:28:52

Hi Thanks for reply. Court has ordered survey so cant use estate agent. Will go back to solicitor as still think its too high . Looked at paperwork and think they exclude any litigation. Expenses of divorce enough to drive you crazy sad

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