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When to divorce

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WellDoYaPunk Mon 20-Jun-16 11:58:48

Hoping for help as my ex tends to blast things at me to confuse me.

Seperated one year & he's texted to say he wants to start discussing divorce.

I had assumed we'd wait two years as no adultery & going down the unreasonable behaviour route would strain our amicable ish relationship (well if I did it on him he'd prob never speak to me again!)

Also I don't want to discuss things with him privately because like I said he bamboozles me into things! We have kids & equity in the house & my car, his pension to take into account.

Can someone tell me how this works, does he go to a soliciter, petition for divorce, we go to a mediator, then what ? And have I got that right?

Minime85 Mon 20-Jun-16 16:22:56

You can petitioner yourself on grounds of unreasonable behaviour before the two year mark and so can he. If I could I'd be the petitioner as you have more of the control then. It doesn't matter who petitions in terms of finances or what the reasons are.

You can use a solicitor but you can also do it yourself.

If complicated finiances might be worth doing that bit with solicitor advice. I would advice even if you petition yourself to at least see a solicitor once on your own and find out where you stand etc

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