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How long could this take if husband does not comply?

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1Cheesedoff Tue 14-Jun-16 13:48:16

Could someone please give me some advice? I have separated from husband for over a year, started divorce proceedings a year ago for unreasonable behaviour. He refuses to answer any correspondence from solicitors (doesn't open letters). When I phone he does not answer or will put the phone down. What do I do? We are due in court September but I know he wont turn up. Thanks for any help. He lives in our 3 bed house while I rent and have my children with me. He thinks it is his as I stayed home till eldest was 7 then only worked part-time. HELP!!!!!

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markingthebench Tue 14-Jun-16 16:38:20

bumping for you.

I'm at the start of this, and I know my husband will be similarly difficult. My solicitor is talking about serving the papers using a bailiff or process server. Is that something you've tried?

1Cheesedoff Tue 14-Jun-16 17:15:59

Oh yes as been served papers. I had to pay for Baliff to deliver..hasn't even opened it.

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markingthebench Tue 14-Jun-16 17:34:38

I think that, if you're divorcing on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour, you don't need your husband's consent. Once you have evidence that the bailiff delivered, the papers you can proceed anyway.

I might be wrong though, and goodness knows how this works with financial matters where they have to proactively give information about their circumstances.

I hope there are some knowledgeable legal folk who can comment on this thread. ..

donners312 Tue 14-Jun-16 17:46:43

i've had this will all bump along he can't stop it but it takes longer and costs more as you've already found out.

I had to apply to court for something that meant that everything was timetabled however my experience unfortunately is that absolutely nothing happens when these deadlines are not met.

Good luck though

needresolution Mon 20-Jun-16 09:13:41

My partners going through this at the moment as the financials are quite complex and she holds all the financial info, although she started the divorce she drags her feet over everything, why cant she just pull her finger out and get it sorted?!

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