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collaborative divorce as an option?

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yahboohiss Tue 31-May-16 09:41:31

Anyone experienced this? Would you recommend?

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Minime85 Tue 31-May-16 11:15:23

What do you mean exactly? I filed for unreasonable behaviour but ex saw it before it went off and we split costs. Is that the kind of thing you mean?

yahboohiss Tue 31-May-16 11:20:39

I understood it to be an option for divorce proceedings which was non-confrontational, child focussed and so on.

You both need solicitors who have signed up to the "collaborative" process?
It involves 4-way meetings where you and your sol are present to reach quick agreement.
Just wondered if it was a gimmick or something worthwhile? Want to keep costs down but get good advice...

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Minime85 Tue 31-May-16 18:55:57

Sorry never heard of it. Did mine myself so no need for solicitors. And hence thousands of pounds cheaper

lifeisunjust Tue 31-May-16 21:24:45

Why not use a single mediator instead who works for the children and not lawyers who work for the best financial settlement of their adult client and who then charges maybe 4 times more?

yahboohiss Wed 01-Jun-16 19:06:26

Thanks for the advice minime and life - will see what I can do myself and check out the mediator option also. Trying to do things amicably/fairly and not shell out too much - anticipating running two households will be expensive so don't want to start off skint!

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