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Ex has my car

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honeyandmarmitesandwiches Sun 15-May-16 12:11:29

Have recently separated from my partner; while we were together I got a new car (in my name and me paying for it), and allowed him to use my old car because we needed two. I talked about transferring ownership to him but never did partly because he told me that if we separated for any reason, he would sell it. I had actually got the form for transferring ownership and partly filled it out ages ago but as I say abandoned the idea.
The separation has started off amicably enough, I've wanted conflict to be minimised for DS' sake but am increasingly upset as I feel I was basically forced out/manipulated out of our shared flat and for DS' best interests, XP should have moved. He can't actually afford it anyway and is trying to get me to give him money on a monthly basis towards that. Having looked into it, he's got that the wrong way around and should be paying me child maintenance actually. Those are mostly separate issues but just context really.

Since moving out I've been allowing my ex to keep using the old car but what shocked me a bit was I got a letter through the post saying they have now updated their records that I am not the owner (keeper) of the car. So my ex has unearthed the form, filled out the rest and sent it off without checking with me if that's ok. Is he allowed to do that, and if not is there anything I can do about it?

MrsBertBibby Sun 15-May-16 13:16:58

Had you signed the form, then?

honeyandmarmitesandwiches Sun 15-May-16 14:16:11

I actually can't remember, it was ages ago that I had it.

AyeAmarok Sun 15-May-16 14:28:42

Contact them, tell them you never completed the form or sold the car, and this has been done fraudulently.

And get in touch with the CMS asap! Honestly, this is the most important bit. Whether you think you need the maintenance or not, your DS deserves to be financially supported by BOTH his parents, so even if you don't need it, save it for him.

Pisssssedofff Mon 23-May-16 13:33:04

This happen to me with my ex twice, you couldn't make it up !!! I ended up reporting it to the police and they did bugger all either

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