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how to apply to a family court for an order

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DebbieSharman123 Tue 03-May-16 12:36:57

Having represented myself, I have learnt how to make an application to court with the appropriate forms i.e. applying for maintenance etc for a court order. In the first instance form D11 has to be got from a court by ringing 0300 123 5577. I can then assist with you completing the form and drawing up a draft order.

wabbitears Wed 04-May-16 18:39:41

D11 is just one form - and it's a general form used for a variety of applications to court. There are many different forms used, and the appropriate form must be used for the application being made ie a C100 for an application relating to children or a Form A for Ancillary Relief.

General word to the wise for anyone reading this - please make sure that if you do get a draft order for finances that a suitably qualified and experienced family law solicitor has drawn up the order.

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