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lousylear Tue 26-Apr-16 05:37:00

My husband went to see a solicitor yesterday. He told that yes he will have to pay me CM but as I work I will have to pay him CM for the days he has kids. He went on to say that they will cancel each other out so he won't have to give me any. This is not what my solicitor said to me. Surely this can't be right?
Some background:
I was a SAHM up until October 2015. 3 kids, 12,10,8. He earns £32k, I earn £12k. He works full time. I work part time. He will have kids for tea on a Wednesday and then overnight fri/sat 3/4 wknds. I will have them the rest of the time.
I am moving out with kids next week and now I'm really stressing about money. We had a row about it last night too.

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CamelsAndMaus Tue 26-Apr-16 07:35:59

Are you doing the CM as part of the divorce or via Child Maintenance Services? It's worth knowing that if as part of the divorce either of you can apply to CMS after one year who will then have jurisdiction

With the pattern you're talking about you would be the parent with the majority of care and, as such, he would have to pay you maintenance with a reduction based on the amount of overnights he has (this is probably the "you paying him" bit was misinterpreted as. Courts usually base the maintenance on what the CMS would calculate.

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