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what's ur story

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lifestuff Sun 24-Apr-16 10:55:20

Almost 2 years ago on mothers day my partner decided to walk out on me and our 2 kids for someone else I really thought at that point my life was over it wasn't as if we were un happy (so I thought anyway) our relationship was good we'd been together for 10 years since we were 15 he really was my world I thought I had everything as our kids came along! so when he left I took it really bad thinking only off my own pain not realising my kids were hurting and confused to! I just cried all the time took time off my work didn't want to be around anyone not even my kids but thankfully my mum helped takeing them a lot so they didn't see the state I was in! At one point i couldn't take anymore I was sitting banging my head off the bathroom wall becouse I couldn't get the thought off him with another woman out my head I was tormenting my self I really couldn't see how I was ever going to get over it my little girl walked in and seen me crying she sat down and cried and told me everything was ok we could be happy without dad the look on her face broke me I realised how selfis id been and If I didn't pick my self up I was going to lose my kids too! My 21 year old brother was basically there everyday helping with the kids I'd cry to him and he always new what to say to make me feel better if it wasn't for him I'm not sure I'd have got through it he stayed most knights made sure I wasn't alone and he always said you can either let this brake u or take it as a kick in the teeth and move on! My world fell apart once again when he went out to celebrate his 22nd birthday he was at a party and took drugs never woke up after taking a heart attack in his sleep  some how I managed to carry on and now looking back I'm not sure how I got through everything that happened to me my ex went on to have another child with the woman he left for but at the same time coming back to me telling me he still loved me I off course didn't take him back as much as I did want to but he hurt me to much so could never forgive him out kids have had to get used to a new brother and dads new girlfriend while I'm still single waiting for the rite person to come along! It's made me stronger in a way becouse I think Iv got my kids so I'm happy that's all I need in life the rest in a bonus what's ur story 😊

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