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Where do I start?! Help!

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Jadelaurenx Wed 13-Apr-16 13:07:45

Today 13:06 Jadelaurenx

Me and my husband have been seperated for three years this April we have a little boy together who he does not see. I am wanting to start divorce procedures but being a single parent I can't afford the quotes I've been given! Where do I start?!

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bella1968 Wed 13-Apr-16 14:50:03

Hi Jadelaurenx

There are various ways you could do it, have a 1/2 hour free with a solicitor to cover the basics then do plenty of searches online. If you are amicable then you can do an online divorce I should think, you could draw up a parenting agreement and have that signed/approved by a mediator which can be stamped by the court without having to attend court.

Is he amicable? and will he be willing to allow the divorce? you would have to pay a filing fee to file for divorce with the courts but that can all be done without attending.

IF you are amicable / agreeable then it can be done without solicitors however I would get a signed agreement stamped by the court with respect to where you ds lives to avoid any problems further down the line. Is he likely to want to see your ds in the future?

Have a look at this website thoroughly:

Good luck.

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