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Abusive ex role-modelling lack of respect for women in front of my son

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earlycomputers Tue 22-Mar-16 18:56:58

Not sure what to do about this - my ds is 6 and so at an impressionable age. I want him to have a father figure and understand how important it is for boys to bond with their fathers. He has a good relationship with his father, (my ex - who was abusive to myself and his daughter in the past), but I am worried about my son growing up with a lack of respect for me and women in general. My ex frequently bad mouths me and other women in general (eg 'women drivers') in front of my son, and whilst I can't stop him saying this stuff, I feel like doing or saying something to counter the future damage he could be causing to my son. Has anyone got any advice? thanks

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pippistrelle Wed 23-Mar-16 08:39:01

I can see why you're worried. Does your son have other more positive role models in his life - a grandfather or uncle, maybe - that he could spend time with to counteract his father's ridiculous attitude?

But ultimately, even if he doesn't, he has you in his corner, and based on that, he'll be able to see for himself that his dad is talking nonsense (as I'm sure he is). I would just focus on the need for kindness and respect for everyone. He'll reach his own conclusions.

I'm sorry you're having to deal with such an ex.

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