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my kids dad has taking over

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itsamumthing Tue 22-Mar-16 18:29:28

Hi I'm new here just needed a place to have a rant so I'll go straight ahead and get straight to the point! Feeling really annoyed with my ex partner he thinks he can take over with our kids and not involving me! We have been separate for almost a year and a half there is still a lot off anger from both sides but did agree to be cilvil for the sake off the kids witch I have been doing I'll tell him anything he needs to no regarding our kids Iv never once said a bad word about him as a dad because he is a good 1 he will pick the kids up to and from school every day as he ha a car he also takes them over nite twice a week! Our son Is haveing his holy communion in May and my ex has all ready took our son to be fitted for his kilt and arranged and booked the small party for afterwords didn't think to even let me no anything so upset he done the exact same thing last year when our daughter had her holly communion I'd arranged to take her out to pick and be fitted for her dress in witch he new that was the plan and he went ahead and done it before me went behind my back I  was really hurt and said this time he wouldn't do that  with our son and he has so basically Iv not had a say in 1 single thing!dont understand why he does this kind of stuff trying to keep my co and not even get angry but it's hard and upsetting!

winchester1 Tue 22-Mar-16 18:38:24

Its hard it sounds like he is excited and also doesn't want to be excluded. How is he with the day to day stuff does he pull his weight? Take days off work if they are sick, shop for school shoes, discipline them etc or is he a Disney dad?
I think would massively affect why he did this and what you should do about it.

itsamumthing Tue 22-Mar-16 20:05:34

He's the type off dad that buys them everything they want it's his time they need not his money! they won't tell him when there feeling upset about something or haveing trouble in school! When he walked out on us for another woman our son thought it was his fault dad left he's quite an emotional thing but doesn't show that In front off dad becouse he feels like he can't! It's his time they need not his money!

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