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needresolution Tue 08-Mar-16 17:50:49

What happens in a divorce if the one side doesn't want to sort anything out financially??

There are solicitors involved both sides - Party A has submitted Form E in December but Party B has yet to submit, B are trying to close down a business (although joint owners with A) but seems to refuse to progress with the divorce (although they started it)

There is substantial property in UK and Abroad - Party A said could be split equally in an early deal but B said No.. Is it just spitefulness?? B just carries on as if nothing has happened!!

Very frustrating!!
Any advice??

jellybean2000 Fri 11-Mar-16 08:57:26

I presume you are party A?

Party A's solicitor writes to Party B's giving deadlines by which Form E should be exchanged.
If that doesn't happen and a financial agreement cannot be drawn up by solicitors that the courts will approve, then it goes to Court.

I think.

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