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Coerced to sell.

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Kefte123 Tue 08-Mar-16 11:42:09


Me and my partner jointly owned two rental properties. They were inheritance from my mother to me and my brother, and my partner took out a loan to cover my brother's share. This happened in 2008.

Last year, my partner hadn't been keeping up the payments on the loan, partly because one was without a tenant - so we were forced to sell. So we sold one property for the asking-price. Unfortunately the other property was rented to his parents (against my wishes), and they'd put a new kitchen and bathroom in the property, and were unwilling to let us put the property onto the market - told us if we did they'd try to sue us (which I told my partner at the time they couldn't do as tenants). But anyway, my partner decided to sell them the house for half the market value - they bullied me, and with no family and friends to support me, I agreed. I then changed my mind again - but was told by my partner that I wasn't allowed to change my mind and was quite abusive to me about it.

Him and his family have been bullying and abusing me for a long time - and turned me into a nervous wreck. Seeing them gives me panic attacks. I'm terrified of people coming into my home - because after cleaning my home from top to bottom they told my partner that our home was disgusting and smelt - and it has given me low self esteem. One time, they went to see my son in his Natvity and then told my son a teacher had said our son was 'scruffy at school' - after talking to my son's school, this turned out to be a lie. They throw away my children's clothes I send them in (including Clarks shoes), and give me new 'cheaper' shoes as replacements - my children do a lot of walking and playing outside, so their shoes become worn. They've vetoed all our options - my partner was once offered a job in Cumbria, and they told him he shouldn't go, so we didn't (they like to keep him close-by). They've also physically threatened me with violence.

I need to leave my partner, but I am afraid. And I also want the money they coerced me to give to them in equity back. Again, I'm afraid. Has anyone got any advice for me? Who can I turn to?

Heatherjayne1972 Tue 08-Mar-16 19:59:06

Get to a solicitor ASAP lots do free half an hour. Get advised with where you stand legally and then leave this toxic family Speak to Womens aid and / or CAB they can be very helpful about housing money benefits etc. But sounds like you need to leave soon as you can

Kefte123 Thu 10-Mar-16 12:59:47

Thank-you for your advice. I'll look at solicitors.

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