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Nightmare Divorce

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Jat27 Sun 06-Mar-16 09:21:52

Ladybird69 - what an arsehole and nasty b*stard your ex is. It's unbelievable they don't even give a shit about their own kids.

I have heard many horror stories, my friend's BP ex threatened to disfigure their kids faces with acid!

I am not at all surprised to hear he was sneaky and devious they seem to be able to fake it and mask their behaviour when it matters most. Shame you didn't have a recording re his dodgy tax dealings.

Well I don't think my exhtb is having much of a fun time with the OW she regularly gets hospitalised for alcohol abuse. In the UK we can't say he is mentally unstable as he is supposedly currently working and able to so he is deemed fit and well by the Court and even if they did instruct his mental capacity be assessed he would probably fool the MH professionals like he has done before, so I'm stuffed from that angle.

I've done much of my own legal stuff with the small knowledge I have, my first solicitor quit citing him as a lunatic! Luckily I've documented everything and recently used a statement proving he is lying but since showing the statement there has been no response to my low offer of settlement in six weeks, I just want my life back.

Yep mine has made me homeless too, I'm renting a room in a relative's house so can't afford alternative accommodation until he decides to settle. I've had the lies too, he has no money etc, yet money is fast disappearing. I am fortunate my kids are grown up, my heart goes out to anyone going through this crap with young kids I consider myself very lucky compared to others. As old as my kids are they have also been mentally affected by this, let's hope it reaches a conclusion soon.

Thanks for sharing Ladybird69 you have given me the kick up the arse I needed to carry on the fight, take care.

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ladybird69 Sat 05-Mar-16 23:40:46

I have recently divorced a narcarsistic psychopath I barely got out with my brain intact. he won everything he played slyly sneakily and played the f#€$ing stupid judge like a good un. he promised me that if I didn't expose his dodgy tax dealings he would give me my children back!
now my ex is having life of Riley with the ow,?her kids are treated like princes and princesses and my kids who stuck with him are penniless!!! all my fault for taking his Money which I never did. his promises didn't come true. yet if I'd have got a fair 50/50 I would have set up me and my children for life.... fuck him! youre never going to win unless you can prove his mental health.( I had him doing the usual suicide threats but didn't ring police to lock him away. I missed my chance as my solicitors were crap. fight fight fight for your life and what you deserve. I am now in a hovel he is living in a newly built mansion. everything he told under oath was lies and he has rebuilt our business despite getting written papers that it was penniless. and was on the cusp of bankruptcy!!!!?
wish he and whole lot of staff including my exbest friend would go up in flammes of hell.
End of day the evil bastards win every time angrysadangry

Jat27 Sat 05-Mar-16 16:57:34

To cut a long story short husband had or has Mental Health issues, I have done my best to support him but he is now drinking and with an alcoholic woman. Despite his new relationship he is being very difficult over settling finances and for some very strange and bizarre reason he is clinging on.

He and his solicitor failed to comply with a Court order and he has still not disclosed all of his assets. Despite being married to him for several decades I can no longer trust the person he has become and have a feeling he is hiding assets and money. Six weeks ago I put forward a low offer to get rid and get my life back no response. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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