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can I get financial help to divorce him?

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nosupport Mon 22-Feb-16 00:41:06

I can't bloody take it.

He's bipolar (not his fault) but his behaviour is damaging my own mental health

He's financially able to divorce and currently controlling me with this and various other threats

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murrell0cherri Mon 22-Feb-16 12:24:02

If you are on benefits or a low income you can apply for a fee remission (full/part) for the divorce application if you meet the income criteria.

You can lower the costs further by doing a DIY on online application (make sure you use a reputable company and know what you are paying for is good)

Legal aid is available for mediation if you need help sorting out finances and kids, despite what people think it is not about getting back together, and worth a look.

I hope this helps

AdviceChat Wed 16-Mar-16 14:20:29

Hi, you can get legal aid for family mediation so it's worth checking it out. Useful video here too legal aid calculator
hope you manage to get the help you need

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