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Extending spousal maintenance term order

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Apathyisthenewblah Wed 17-Feb-16 21:12:44

I've also posted in legal but any advice from your experiences would be welcome.

DH's ex has a term order for spousal maintenance (equal to our mortgage payments each month) which is due to end next year. What is the latest she can apply to extend this?

The idea was that by this point (the end date of the order) she would be able to resume part time work and in the words of the order "attain financial independence". She is not yet working yet has not indicated she plans to extend. She does however have form for last minute pissing about. I don't know if it is relevant but she was awarded assets which mean she has no mortgage.

Does anyone have any advice about timescales for this or should DH speak to his solicitor.

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DeoGratias Thu 18-Feb-16 11:01:02

Probably best o speak to a solicitor. In theory the courts prefer either clean breaks (no spousal support what we had - we both worked full time and I paid my husband on the divorce) or limited term support as here. However some get it for life. It may be possible for him to pay a lump sum to buy out future claims and get a clean break now. One barrister whose ex wife after 30 years from the divorce (!) made a claim to increase her monthly amount was paid off in that way. She was paid the support for 30 years. never done a day's work in her life.

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