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Child Arrangements Order now in place, what happens when they are 16?

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bella1968 Thu 04-Feb-16 13:13:14

also what happens in the meantime if my children either decide to live with their Dad or with me? They are currently 12 1/2. I've had problems with my son, mimicking bad behaviour exhibited by his dad: shouting, swearing and calling me names and his twin sister which has been going on for a while now. The good thing is last week, no swearing which was great after probably about 2 years now. I was thrilled and told him so but he's started to say that he wants to live with his dad full time, texting his dad that he hates 'her' or saying my name, not 'my mom' which is really upsetting to see. He says he respect his dad because he shouts and swears at him but he doesn't do that back to him, instead he does it to me but he respects his dad?! how crazy does that sound?? I have started to be a little firmer, i.e. homework, computer time etc. I can't help but think that last week he didn't swear at me was because I enforced a 7 day ban on electronics which went over into the week with his dad and therefore meant 1 1/2 weeks but it seemed to have worked! His dad has not supported me but supported him and said don't worry son, we'll get your laptop back of her and you can keep it at mine permanently, he's advised my son to tell his school and to get in touch with the social worker to tell her what I am doing to him!? errrr I'm disciplining him, that's all?? and discipline is something that my ex has complained about saying that he doesn't get it from me

Any advise or chat about what happens from now until they are 16 and what happens after they are 16? does the order disintegrate?

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