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ex being difficult about financial declaration for divorce

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jugglingeverything Thu 28-Jan-16 12:33:22

Hi, I've now been separated for 2 years after my husband suddenly upped and left. We drew up a separation agreement at the time and part of that was that we would divorce after 2 years. So I've now instructed my solicitor to commence proceedings.

I contacted my ex to forewarn him and explain what was involved. My solicitor advised that we need to re-declare our financial assets and debts as part of the process for the court to make the financial order. My ex is not happy about this. Says he'd already done it once and it should be done on the details at the time of separation not now. I do understand his point of view - I don't really want to tell him my finances either but we've got to do what is required. He was really difficult about the declaration first time around.

As part of the agreement I paid him a sum and the house is now in my name. Will I need to have it revalued? I've done a fair bit to it so its value has probably gone up but then I've taken on a lot more debt to do this as it was virtually uninhabitable at the time he left so I took on loans to make the house more teenager-friendly (stuff like cooker, electrics and bathrooms!). I'm worried he might try to go back on the terms of the separation agreement.

What happens if he refuses to make an up to date declaration? Will the court use the original seperation agreement or will I end up stuck in limbo? Am hoping it won't come to that but forewarned is forearmed as they say. I feel like I am opening a new can of worms but I can't stand the thought that he is still legally my next of kin and would rather get the divorce out of the way. Any advice please

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