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Will I have to pay towards husbands debt in divorce settlement?

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Startingout2015 Mon 25-Jan-16 12:47:14

Sold the house and stbxh has instructed the conveyancing solicitor to hold the money as we cant agree on a split.

I want 50/50 no less.

He wants me to pay £5k towards debts that he says I always knew about but won't show me proof or tell me the extent and I never knew we had the debt.

He says that he will go to solicitor and fight me for it but when I said due to his previous financial abuse towards me it's likely to be ruled in my favour he just laughed.

Should I just agree to his request if it's likely took in his favour or is there a bigger chance that i won't need to pay it?

shoeaddict83 Mon 25-Jan-16 13:21:53

why would you agree to pay something you dont even have proof exists!! Go back to your solicitor and tell them to write a letter to your STBXH request financial disclosure for the divorce. Are you drawing up a financial agreement/consent order? If so he has to be transparent with all income/debts anyway so he can laugh all he likes!
Also if debt is solely in his name from what i have read you are not liable unless it can be proved the debt was beneficial to you (eg home improvement etc) only joint debts/assets are part of any settlement. However as i said im not a solicitor so go see one - even for a free 1/2 hour consult to check where you stand.

If i were you i would not hand over any money at all until i had legal advice on where i stood, his word is not good enough.

JanuaryKat Mon 25-Jan-16 21:07:54

Have you exchanged Form E?
Working out a 50/50 slpit would be quite difficult without having full financial disclosure.

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