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Questions for solicitor

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batshipcrazy Sun 10-Jan-16 15:54:46

I am off to see a solicitor tomorrow to find out where I stand with regards to separating from my husband.

I am totally unprepared and pathetically don't know much about our finances as we run our own business and my husband and the accountant deals with it all.

I do have a copy of our mortgage statement.

I have an hour, what should I be asking??

Thank you.

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icandothis64 Tue 12-Jan-16 22:09:33

The best question to ask is "what should I be asking you?" They have been through this so often there is nothing they have not seen. Do ask what is it going to cost and what can I do to minimise expense.

Mumteedum Tue 12-Jan-16 22:17:36

Is it the free hour? From experience don't expect too much. Get a sense of if this is someone you can work with. Definitely ask about their fee structure or whatever they call it.

Is yr husband likely to be reasonable? Do you have kids? If so you might want a lawyer who practices collaborative law.

There is a lot of info you can read yourself to get your head around things. Slater and gordon, family law made simple for example, is useful book. Don't be afraid to ask general questions on here too. Lots of us been through it and still going through it.

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