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Lost and confused about what to do

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cherrygirl40 Wed 06-Jan-16 12:27:48

I've not posted on here before but i'm feeling so lonely and have no one I can talk to. I don't feel as if anyone in my life understands and as a result I have closed myself off to the closest people in my life.
My relationship has been in a negative place for a while, compounded by a difficult last year that included me having a miscarriage. Instead of growing together through the difficult times, we have drifted further apart. My other half does make an effort but I just feel like something has switched off inside me and that our relationship doesn't have a future. We have a three year old and all I want is to do the right thing by her. I just can't seem to make a decision and as a result seem to be stuck in a permanent state of limbo. Partly why I'm finding it so difficult to make a decision to separate is because I am unable to conceive naturally. The miscarriage I had last year followed a second round of IVF. I have two embryos on ice and have already put off an embryo transfer twice because I didn't feel ready. If I separate then I won't be able to use the embryos. This is my last chance at trying to have another baby and more importantly a sibling for my little girl.
My other half is a good person and a great dad, I just don't feel like we're a good fit anymore. I know the right thing would be to separate but i'm finding it so hard even saying those words.

NewStartnamechange Wed 06-Jan-16 15:29:01

Hi Cherry. Sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time. Would it help to talk to your partner to discuss how you are feeling. Maybe if you talked it may make you both feel a bit better. I know this is easier said than done, though.

cherrygirl40 Thu 07-Jan-16 10:52:58

Thank you for your advice. We are not very good at communicating anymore, I'm quite sure if we had spoken more in the last few years then we wouldn't be in this situation. But yes I do need to talk to him.

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