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Received a C6 - why do I need to go to court?

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dulcefarniente Tue 17-Nov-15 20:46:31

ExH' s solicitor drew up a consent order regarding the living/contact arrangements for my dd. I was asked to confirm my agreement with it in writing to the solicitor which I did and was advised that the paperwork would be forwarded to the court for approval.

I have now received from the court form C6, C7 and a copy of the C100 form. The C6 says I have to attend the court for an hour long hearing.

I was led to believe that there was no need to attend court as we were in agreement, so allowing an hour seems excessive. As I have not been sent the court's copy of the consent order I don't know whether changes were made to it after I wrote to the solicitor.

Could someone explain what is going on please? (also posted in Legal Matters)

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