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how did you feel when your stbxh has a girlfriend?

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bella1968 Mon 26-Oct-15 23:41:33

I knew at the end of August when he told the children but suspected it last year. The thing is, she and her son stayed over at his place, the son stayed in my daughter's single room rather than my son's double room. They asked the children if it was ok and they were fine with it. I don't think I am though! Its not that I want him back it just seems so early to be playing happy families with my children and another woman. I guess it rankles more when all he's done is criticize my parenting whilst he was happily dating this other woman! He shouts and swears at the children then acts all nice when she's around, certainly doesn't let her see him like that!! I'll bet he's planning on them moving in together then apply for sole care of the children although I'm pretty sure that won't happen as the children won't want it.

financialwizard Wed 28-Oct-15 05:47:41

I'd be grateful, but then I was the one that left him.

For your own sake you need to let this go. There are better battles, trust me.

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