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STBXH driving me mad!

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Balders74 Thu 01-Oct-15 18:58:05

We split at the beginning of the year, we have 2 DC, married for 10 years & have a joint mortgage that he hasn't paid for 5 years. So we've tried mediation but it didn't go anywhere. I want him to agree that I can release him from the mortgage. There is no equity in the house, I took all valuations etc to the mediation & he said he would have to get advice. 6 weeks later & he has only just been to see a solicitor having lied & said he saw one 3 weeks ago.

I have got a mortgage offer waiting to be taken up but I can't do anything until he agrees to give up the house. We have no assets to split, I am giving him the opportunity to be removed from a large debt but for some reason he is dragging his heals.

I have had a letter from his solicitor asking for full financial disclosure. Why the hell should I provide all my financial details?

In the mediation he brought papers to show that he only earns £7k a year as he is self employed and so he can't pay any maintenance. I earn a good salary & can support the house (and have done for many years) & I am now wondering if he is going to try to get spousal support from me. Does anyone know if he could try this?

So we're 9 months down the line, he has walked away with no responsibility, sees our DS every couple of weeks & we're no closer to settling the house situation so I can start to move on.

My solicitor is very good but I am now worrying about how much this is costing because he can't just agree to the obvious.

I would happily walk away from the house if he could take it on & mortgage me out but 'apparently' he only earns £7k pa (not counting the majority of jobs he does cash in hand).

I am getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress.

DivorceAlchemist Sun 11-Oct-15 15:04:39

As you are married if you are going to divorce, you will need to do financial disclosure. He is entitled to seek maintenance from you although it is unlikely. Many don't realise it works both ways. If you are not happy with his level of disclosure, talk to your lawyer about this. Clearly as you were married for 10 years, you are able to say what his level of earnings is and that my be apparent from the level of lifestyle you both enjoyed. You do need to be mindful of court costs going forward. Average costs can range from £8-10k each.

Good luck

Richywalters12 Tue 13-Oct-15 23:00:58

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