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Renting after Separation

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Confusion2015 Sun 06-Sep-15 13:22:03


I'm about to separate from my partner. We have a joint mortgage on our house but if I move out, I will need to find somewhere to rent in the meantime.

Would an estate agent let me pay 6 month's rent in advance? The reason I ask, is I know they look into your finances to make sure you can afford it. I don't earn a lot and my name is obviously still on our mortgage. On paper, I wouldn't be able to afford the mortgage and the rent. However, my partner is going to pay for the mortgage in the meantime, so I can afford to rent in reality.

Does anyone know how this would work?

Sprig1 Mon 07-Sep-15 19:11:41

Yes, it should be fine. I paid 6 months in advance for someone I know when they were in a similar situation.

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