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Advice please, its complicated

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merdance Sun 23-Aug-15 06:57:10

Hi I am new here but in a desperate situation. I have been with partner 7 years. We have 2 children together and I now have a 3rd baby, which was not planned but adorable and loved. We live in my partners house, he won't marry me and is emotionally abusive and quite controlling and tells me to leave fairly regularly. I went to refuge last August as things were so bad at home but came back after 3 weeks very reluctantly. The new baby is only 3 weeks not yet registered, 2 days after being out if hospital with this baby he told me to leave, I could not walk or drive at that point. Since then I have been put forwards for properties through the Council as I am trying to get out, he has always used my children against me and suggested I am a bad mum. I have talked to health visitors and am still in touch with refuge as things can be awful home. I understand that as we are not married he is not automatically granted parental responsibility over the new baby, I do not want him on the new babies birth certificate after everything and want him out of my life. My other 2 have him and I on birth certificate; which I wish I had never agreed to now, but I do not want him on my new babies certificate. I will leave as soon as I can I need to get away from him. Any advice would be really appreciated, please only genuine responses things are really difficult at home. Thankyou

STIDW Sun 23-Aug-15 10:20:58

There is no substitute for professional legal advice. If there is independent evidence of DV (letter from a refuge) and you are on a low income you may be eligible for legal aid.

DV isn't necessarily deemed a reason for no child contact though. Ultimately it's fairly unusual for the courts not to make a PR Order when a parent has a relationship with a child.

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