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A month into seperation

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FourFootSnake Sat 22-Aug-15 01:20:37

Me and DH decided to split up a month ago.
We've drifted apart and just lost each other. We annoy each other. We love each other but we're not in love with each other. So decided to end things before we started hated one another.

I am moving out with the children and moving 20+ miles away back to my home town. DH is staying in our council house. He works nights and gets a weekend off every month.hell be seeing the kids as often as possible.

I get the keys to my house on weds. But nit moving in until 5th Sept due to not been able to get a van until then. I am borrowing Bro in laws dad's van.

How did you cope as a single mum? Did it take you long to feel ok about it?
Did you meet someone?
I worry that no one will want me because of having three children and worry that I won't find my special someone.

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