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Financial Settlement - Offer

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pretty2015 Wed 19-Aug-15 19:19:03

Hi Everyone. My partner got divorced few years ago and currently trying to sort out finances with ex wife as they have a joint mortgage together. We are still waiting for the offer from his ex. It has been going on for good few weeks and it seems like his ex wife is not cooperating and dragging things out. Partner has his own solicitor but tries to use the services only when he needs it without going to court.Can anyone advice if there is anyway to speed up the process as we are not moving forward.I feel very frustrated and I was wondering if partner could take this to court and get them deal with this?

Fidelia Thu 20-Aug-15 10:10:34

Pretty - TBH you need to stay out of it. Your partner is waiting for the offer, not you. It was their marriage, their finances and it needs to be up to them to make their choices on this. If you get involved, then you maybe mentally blamed if either of them ends up regretting their decisions. Stay out of it.

BTW, court will take longer and be MUCH more expensive than coming to an agreement outside of court. It really is the last resort.

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