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Week 2 of separation

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Feelsolow100 Tue 18-Aug-15 09:28:22

Its been 2 weeks since my husband of 11 years walked out and I'm really struggling to cope. I have 2 children who I try so hard to be strong for .. but I just seem to be unable to hide my hurt and tears .. Some days I think I'm getting stronger then the slightest thing can send me back .. I'm lucky enough to have a great family and some great friends but I don't like to burden them with my sadness. My husband was my best friend and I miss him, I miss us being a family. At the moment I just don't know what to do for the best .. has anyone any advice .. Thanks

Sleepingsun Tue 18-Aug-15 20:24:12


Firstly I am so sorry to hear that this has happened to you. Secondly I don't have much advice as I am in a similar situation but a bit further down the line (my DH left me and our DD almost three months ago). At first I couldn't stop crying, I cried at work during the day and then at home just about managed not to cry until my DD was in bed and then I would be crying again. After a while I noticed that I didn't cry so much anymore but then I started to feel very angry! And now it depends on a day. Sometimes I am fine, next day I feel sad and I cry, some days I am just angry at him. I miss our family life and feel lonely after being with someone for 10 years. But I am slowly getting used to being by myself in the evenings (when DD is sleeping) and it helps to have a routine in the evenings and mornings. I suppose having DD with me helps as no matter how bad day I am having I still need to look after her and be strong for her. It is very early days for you so be gentle with yourself, and take one day at the time. Cry if you need to and do talk to your family and friends, they will understand and want to support you. And make sure you look after yourself, eat even if you are not hungry. Are you sleeping ok? I couldn't sleep well in the first few weeks but have noticed now that I am actually sleeping a bit better which helps. Sending you lots of hugs xx

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