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Financial settlement and DC contact nightmare getting worse - help needed

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lavenderhoney Mon 17-Aug-15 14:50:58

my divorce and financial settlement/ child access has taken a turn for the worse if that could be possiblesad he still lives in the ME and is still making my life a daily misery.

He refuses to discuss anything that happened wrt his Db threatening to take the DC away and his DM not noticing my dd being taken out if the house unknown to her. He insists on a legal agreement he can take them four weeks a year ( he means abroad to his parents ) and I don't want him to have the passports and now I don't want them in care of his DM, and the DC are terrified of their uncle now. My sol says that they are entitled to a relationship with their foreign family. I also presume he means for me to take care of the surprise puppy he bought the DC whilst he takes them away. She says it will go to court which he wants anyway, and he will most likely win and be allowed to take them.

Finances are a fucking nightmare and despite my saying no he has arranged an estate agent to come round and value the house for sale, emailed me a time and told me to allow access. If I refuse he says I am being obstructive and his lawyers will use that against me in court. My sol says ask him to cancel it, I have but he just told me to allow access as he wants the house sold and me and the kids in rental.

The DC will be there so what do I say to them? I'm supposed to be on hols and this is all awful. He knows dd is poorly and he hasn't bothered asking anything.

here. Is the back story and I hope the link works. It's been going on for months and months now.

RedDaisyRed Mon 17-Aug-15 16:23:53

What is the country of the foreign family? In particular is it one which respects the Hague convention or does it facilitate child abduction?

No need for you to have the puppy. Make the father put it in kennels Everyone knows if anyone brings a puppy home here it will be out on the street and if they want it cared for they will have to move elsewhere!

lavenderhoney Mon 17-Aug-15 17:46:34

His family live in Europe, but threatened to remove the children whilst shouting in my and thumping the table in front of the kids. He said I was overreacting to my dd being allowed to wander up the woods picking berries by a stream unbeknownst to adults. They didn't even notice she had gone. She is just 6.

I left in the night, as my ex dh had given my ex bil a set of keys to the property and he said he'd be there in the morning to take them. There is a fear once in Europe and in possession of the passports he will take them to the ME and I will never see them again.

My ex dh family notified the gendarmes I had gone and also I had ruined DM birthday. She and the rest of his family have refused contact with the DC ( also they don't speak English) for two years. Dh refuses to help facilitate contact and also the DC don't speak anything other than English as ex dh was always to busy to speak anything other than English to them.

The puppy is the least of my worries tbh. Although he will refuse to pay for it now he has done the big " what a great present form super dad" gesture.

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