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Stuck in his house, with kids! What to do?

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K888 Sat 15-Aug-15 19:19:42

I'm finding separating very hard, it is still raw. My partner has told me he can't give me the commitment I need and is staying at friends - but can't stay for a long time. I'm staying in his house, with our son as I'm a stay at home mum.

I feel stuck. I'm miles away from my family/friends, I have a house that I rent out but can't sell (,it's too far for me to live in now), so I'm not eligible for any benefits. I have debts that I pay each month.

I earn a very little from part time home work. I can't stay in this house forever, it's my partners and we're not married. He has kids of his own that he has weekends.

I let him come back to see kids weekends, and I stay out of the house. My partner has a huge mortgage so has very little spare to give me, certainly not to pay for a rented place....

Morganly Sun 16-Aug-15 00:38:02

He will need to pay maintenance for your one child together but apart from that you are on your own financially. So why can't you move to your own house? Or why can't you sell it? Or use the rent to rent your own place?

K888 Sun 16-Aug-15 01:30:40

My house is in a town I used to live in miles away (nowhere near anyone.) Wouldnt be a good idea to move back. Rent doesn't cover big mortgage. No equity in it as had to remortgage. Long story! Tried to sell but no takers, dodgy area.

AlpacaMyBags Sun 16-Aug-15 01:39:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

K888 Mon 17-Aug-15 01:59:51

Yes he owns the house that we live in, as in the mortgage holder. He is a decent guy, would help if he could but he has no money for me for rent, his mortgage repayments are incredibly high.

RedDaisyRed Mon 17-Aug-15 09:32:09

Your starting point will be returning to full time work

Your position will be utterly different if you are married but it seems not.
So although if he does not have the child after parting (no reason should not be him rather than you of course in a non sexist britain) then he should pay 15% of net income.

Did you pay anything into his house/off his loan when you remortgaged your own property? Just trying to establish if you could have some kidn of equitable interest in his property.

Do you have a written co-habitation agreement with him?
Could you start by getting a full time job and then each of you pay half the nursery place cost each? That would immediately make things financially more stable.

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