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Options after selling family home

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everything2me Thu 09-Jul-15 19:51:50

Separated with husband about 4 years ago. I am currently in the family home, with 2 children (13 and 18). The house is mortgaged, of which we both are currently paying 50/50. At some point I am going to have/want to sell the family home, so that we can share the equity, and move on! At the moment I am thinking of selling when the youngest is 18.
I should get about £35,000 after selling, and was just wondering if anyone knows anything about rent to buy/shared ownership schemes? I am currently self employed, but only earn about £9,000, topped up with tax credits. I would not be able to get any mortgage whilst I am only earning this amount, but would also not get help with rent, due to the profit made from sale. Therefore was hoping I could part buy with the £35,000, rent the remaining amount, and possibly get help with that?
I know it could possibly be some years yet, but it may end up happening earlier. Was in an abusive relationship for 25 years, and would really like to cut all ties, if it wasn't for my youngest daughter needing the stability of the home, + we are still sadly reliant on his financial support at moment sad.

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