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holdmybeer Thu 09-Jul-15 08:10:04

Ex has once again decided he wants more contact but only when convenient and he'll give me 24 hrs notice if it's not. He changes arrangements every couple of months although usually it's to fit around his social life/new partner.

I'm not overly happy with his suggestion that he wants to collect dc from nursery early one night per week. Until earlier this year ex was paying for childcare 1 day per week but now refuses to pay saying that's what he pays maintenance for. (pays minimum csa which he'd have to pay regardless of whether I work) but, if he is both dropping off and picking up from nursery on a given day how is that me using childcare? WIBU to agree to contact change if he pays for the childcare? I know money shouldn't come into it but why should I pay a lot of money for childcare only for him to come and take dc out when it suits?!

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